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Mostly, these are photos. All art is welcome here, as long as it contributes meaningfully. Send a comment or some art.


The Day Life Changed for 63455 (Lewis Lain)

The Day Life Changed for 63455

Acrylic and Cardboard on Resonant Window. 23” x 27”

The forever cupcake is a giant white octopus that lives in the sea of worldview. Every so often, the cupcake scoots into land and gently picks someone from the shore. The person is scooped-up and carried-off into the sea, never to be seen again. No one is quite certain what happens to those carried-off by the cupcake, but no one is bothered by...


A Place of Comfort

"A Place of Comfort" (Lewis Lain)

Acrylic and cardboard on resonant window. 23” x 27”

Often with my paintings, I find I initially dig too deep into their meaning and when I bring the results of this thought to my conversations with 53947, he quickly dismisses them, encouraging a new perspective. A place of comfort is one of those paintings. 53947 sits, six (the orange cat) sits perched on the chair. He leans-in, a question—a...


Jessica White

“Cranky Pickle Art” consists of colorful, fun and unique original illustrations inside bottle caps re-purposed into jewelry, magnets and pinback buttons. Also, Home décor items feature acrylic and mixed media paintings made from re-purposed discarded media devices, VHS tapes, floppy disks, cassettes and vinyl records, and mini canvases.


At the age of five, Jessica White, AKA Cranky Pickle, began drawing and...


The Other and One

This original cover for "Antinomy" was rejected outright. It's a lot better than the cover eventually chosen.