Yet More Terror

Humans find that the understand how things and processes, energy and substance, operate. They are able to discern what is there in terms of the consistency of something. They use their logic and their comprehension of beauty in order to fathom the harmony of things, but humans become confused when they see that these same things are not in consistency with themselves. Things, such as they have some aspects that are not themselves, are not what they are. When we say that a landmass is a part of the earth, we also say earth, but implicitly. Our words recognize this difference of some energy-mass, a time-space, in what we imply. The word for this implication is “difference”, but it is not mere difference that is there. It is a paradox, even in the most harmonious, beautiful and consistent of things.

What is primordial to that paradox is more frightening. There you are!