Without Limit

When everything falls and when there seems to be no hope, no expectation, when there is no-one listening and when everyone needs, when these persons around me take and do not give, or they do not give enough, then you are there, my friend. You are there in beliefs, when the earth is flat, when the sun revolves around the earth, when the thunder-god rules on the mountain, when the many gods of the ancient world die and are reborn, when humans possess community and language exclusively, when theirs is the only true belief - at these times you are there for others. You do not discriminate. You make yourself known through lack and you diminish "truth." You will be the great "sleep" when the time arrives.

Yet, I know you, friend. You are still what makes. We have said as much on prior occasions. Nothing would exist without you and your bounds. You would be without those limits.