Wish You Were Here

If you were a human, I would direct you away from certain kinds of friends, giving you a valuable warning. Some are outright poisonous, possessing an inescapable toxicity. Support from such persons is non-existent. Others are quite simply nothing but sadists; they have a desire to denigrate anything around them as long as it is not theirs, anything one does, if you do anything. if you were subject to their approval. No matter the success or lack, they point to some project or vocation, something anything, they do not like or approve, and these undeveloped humans denigrate some valuable part of your life. Other friends become jealous; they reveal information in the most harmful of ways. They are limited in their tolerance for the success of those around them, no matter how successful they themselves are. It is a strange circumstance that these persons call their relation to others "friend." They have no claim on such warm, comfortable connections to others.

I am sure you would see, if you were here.