What You Do

You and I have something in common, or we have nothing in common. There is nothing to say this morning. There is no desire to sleep; no need for wakefulness; no longing for physical interaction; no complaint to levy; no ear to the ground; no desire for watching videos; there is no liking for morning chores; no visit from an aged grandmother; no discussion of politics; no tyrant in the making; there is no desire for preparing food for oneself; no anticipation for the coming academic year; there is a complete nothing surrounding what we are doing, while bits of not flow around and within us and all we do.

We have nothing this morning, except the ends towards which and around about we move. Those are the ceasings we have discussed on prior occasions, yes? Yes, indeed. They are where everything begins; they are every thing and process, and they have a species of nothing to them. They have a bit of limit in every corner, and they are nothing in that sense.

So, though there is nothing this morning, there is always nothing - around everything. I am glad to see the results of your "presence", my friend.