Tyranny of Joy

It is said that we live in an age of extremes. A significant portion of that statement arises from a reaction to certain demands. These demands come from an ever more intolerant sensibility, and a certain level of understanding must be given to groups that need the assist, but expecting that anyone who encounters a different culture will contort themself around the sensibilities of that culture, when one lives in a supposedly multi-cultural society, is destructive as well. If I am to expect that any emotion I feel be king, I am acting as if I am a child. Tyrants come from that place. They demand whatever joy or stress they sense at any given time be made into the driving force of the actions of others. Sometimes, names are not pronounced correctly; sometimes, passion in speech comes from frustration, not aggression. And aggression is not always negative.

It is the undeveloped human who demands that what they feel is sovereign.