Turn of Change

Well, today is another day, similar to the one prior. And that condition would be perfectly acceptable and seemingly correct, except for how the day prior brought itself into the morning that is now. My fourth of July - a holiday that, while worthy of some celebration, does not ordinarily excite me - I carried on my back by tending to the needs of some four, small, plastic, foodstuff containers and three buckets. My ceiling has been leaking, the flow of water crawling down the walls and slipping from the ceiling in regular, aggravating balls. They slam into the hutch or obliterate on the wooden floor, spreading their yellowed-water contents about my living-space.

I do not know much about these things, but a leak that continues for over a solar day does not seem to me to come out of leftover water from a heavy downpour. The handy men who will arrive here later this morning will all argue with one another, each giving different causes and cures? Someone will know how to stop the destruction?

Apologies for offering you the petty concern, my friend. I realize you have better things to do. Oh...wait.... There was a turn somewhere along the past few days that took me here. There was a moment when all that seemed proper and acceptable ceased and turned elsewhere. I hope for another, and I ask that you give an assist. I expect you have something to do with that change.