Truly Everywhere

I believe there is some truth to the assertion that if no-one is in conflict with what you do, then you do not really exist. There is nothing substantial about ensuring peace at any cost, certainly. Yet, conflict avoiders seem to be rabid in their pursuit of calm, quiet comfort. They will allow relatives to perish; permit whole language sections to deteriorate; leave the environment of the planet to dissolve all in order to remain invisible, not present.

On the other hand, I must state that endless, mindless, meaningless conflict is naturally destructive. We need one glance at our virtual world to see the pointless, avoidable destruction. All that narcissism! Still, I ought not lecture anyone, since almost everyone will find the conflict they seek to avoid.

And you , my one guaranteed listener, you are only too happy to visit those who want such calm. You are there even when rabid conflict is present and the substance is thick and potent! You truly are everywhere, dear friend.