The Rest is You

I, as others before me, have wanted to find the most substantial of things. We seek some portion of living that is fixed, completed and eternal. We seek it is everyday occurrences, we weak of body and arrogant of mind. We find patterns that repeat what we wish to be the most reliable, physical portions of reality, these events of electromagnetism and mostly empty space. These patterns continue to provide us with the regularity that provides a kind of foundation for prediction, and that regularity gives confidence to those who wish to find evidence for everything, those whose perceptions mean so very much to...themselves. These are the ones who refuse to listen to any other kind of thought than their own, that kind proving by discovering still more patterns of reliability. Yet, these probabilities and patterns have themselves portions of reality that themselves come from other portions of reality, and there is no end to the discovery, except with you, my friend.

There is no such thing as matter, only form. It is a form that what we now call energy takes, but it is form - the shape an electron takes making its shell is an example. And, as I say, the rest is you.