The Only Eternity

I must tell you, my empty friend, that I am terrified. I may not live long enough to witness what artificial intelligence does to our humanity, but I do not trust our present leaders to do enough to stop its most vile affects. The climate crisis is mounting as well, and humans are addicted to their capitalistic power structures. Those structures insist upon growth of the economy, rather than sanity of economic movement. I have spent a lifetime learning enough to write what will perhaps be worth reading, and perhaps a hyper-intellect will overrule and delete it; perhaps climate change will annihilate human society enough to destroy any trace of my thought or existence. Some combination of both?

Perhaps I ought to sleep well though, since eventual change will annihilate everything from our world and experience. That is why you are my comfort, my friend. You are the only eternity, since the only eternity is nothing.