The "May" of Humans

It may be that thinking about what is actually there is simply too difficult for most humans. Consider how human being must exist, not what human being is so much as what are the imperatives. Think about with what human life contends: suffering, needs for food for shelter for comfort, the desire for beauty in a universe that extends entropy to everything and the resultant ugliness, at least the ugliness of change for the change “from what", the present struggle for mere survival transcended only to find that most of what one has been given as belief is false, the effort demanded of a search for the painful reality of so much humanity expended for very little meaning.

There is no room for human happiness, unless it is received by chance or taken. Most human lives suffer the endless repetition of the mundane and the biological imperative to reproduce. And reproduction! What ends one's life so quickly as to produce the life of another? What happens when the child leaves home? Where are you then? Who are you then? And the concern for comfort and the longing for meaning are more easily derailed and destroyed concerns than other moments of the suffering kind. What is there is hard and unforgiving, an abrupt finality without completion. That hardness exists without any concern for the uniqueness of humanity because humans are of very little import overall. That harshness cares nothing for the presence of “the being for whom being is a care.” Is the hardness not too difficult to witness first and admit later?

We have then entertainment...and religion. Otherwise...