The Lives of Fish

I find myself exhausted and without any true accomplishment. You and I have studied not only how cities ought to be built, but we have observed the actual construction, or perhaps I ought to say the destruction of the state. We look to the turbulent and wild history of Germany in order to witness a metaphor for history in general. The wrangling and the constant, decades-long struggle for better government, and with some very radical success! The Germans had healthcare and pensions for their people in the late nineteenth century. The Americans await such things still! We have watched our own politics for a very long time and we see how we arise from a state of predation, which never leaves us because of the constant need we possess. It is, as I have stated before, the constant eddying and absorption of vitality that calls us. We have no choice and our history comes about through it. The accomplishments of our gathering have come to little more than the comforts of those who merely reproduce. They care less than nothing for what transpires beyond their nose. These are not the "hoi polloi" only; they are all who concentrate their efforts on the flowing of vitality to themselves. They are wealthy and they are middle-classed. Mostly, they are empty.

I suspect they live the lives of fish.