The Beginning of my Day

More of my time is wasted this morning. I am writing to you late today, because I found a discrepancy with the payment from one of Chicago's beloved universities. I was compelled to contact payroll. They explained that the taxes are higher for more earnings, which does not make so much sense to me, since I ought to be taxed the same rate, not a higher rate for a higher installment of the same overall earnings. I admit I do not know the details. .

Forty years of deregulation have emboldened a kind of lackadaisical treatment of employees and I am suspicious, but perhaps it is a mistake. Perhaps there is no-one who did anything wrong and any effort on my part to seek redress will send me to another part of the bureaucratic labyrinth where administrators and academics will all argue - each and every single solitary one of them - that they themselves did nothing wrong and that it really is a perpetrator-less accidental incident, or they may claim that there is some bogey-man in the machine somewhere, but none of the very friendly employees of the university did anything incorrect whatsoever. Thus, there will be someone who is responsible, but they will never manifest, and it will not happen again, they say.

Until it does, that is.

Thank you for once again listening...or...reading. It's probably nothing, as they tell me. So, it is good that I contact you about the matter.