If you are a sane individual, nothing ought to annoy you more than a "free" internet service changing their authentication methods in order to compel you to use another of their services. These password "vaults" have possession of every key needed to perform your daily activities, and if you do not conform to their new way of doing things, reconfigured at least every year, they will simply not allow you to continue living. When you attempt to communicate with them, they send automated messages, aggravating and impersonal dismissals of your humanity.

Long ago the complaint that configuration of mind in a too technical way is dangerous lost any traction. The attempt to explain that technology and the mechanistic thinking it demands is destructive falls on unknowing minds and deaf ears, blind eyes. So, when I complaint to a "service representative", they will feed me a line of soft-spoken words and issue the same demand that brought me to them in the same place, increasing my aggravation tenfold.

I know you had nothing to do with this situation, my friend.