Tempus Fugit.

You may have noticed that time stands and moves differently for our feline friends. Their time stretches longer upon the clock. So, when you leave in the morning, and when you also have a good relationship with your quadrupedal friend, they see your exit as permanent, or at least a time that stretches infinitely into the distance, making their lives wretched, should they want your presence. They are, of course, naturally independent, and they may not feel any distance from you until they hunger, but what time is there for them is at least mostly the present. Penny says that cats "are good at hanging out." It seems true that they live in the moment, that they are immersed in what is now. And so are we...but differently.

But you do not have any care about it, my friend, you who are the opening that I wrote of earlier. You are what will not be.