Team Creep

I want to tell you, my dying and creating friend, that I already have a family. It consists of friends and relatives who have been a part of my inner circle for some time. They are the non-abusive persons who have become partners. There is no requirement that they be related to me by blood, and they know to stay away.

I cannot say the same for some who want to be a part of my "family", or perhaps I ought to say for some who are busily manufacturing a sense of community. I suspect that these efforts are good and expected to be healthy, but I confess that they are disturbing. The more these persons attempt to "get to know" me, the more they expect that I do for them. It is a transactional relationship that has disguised itself as one of comfort and possible succor.

I do not need a ride to work; I need no friendly chat about what I did this weekend. I will talk to you quite organically...or not.