Their number in the center was not eight, but rather six, yet it could have been eight or even fifteen. Their number around the shell was not twenty, nor fifteen, but it could have been six or twenty, fifteen or eight. The number of the inner shell was two and the outer four, but they could have been two and six. The inner shell could have been two, a middle shell eight and the outer five, but they were not. The inner shell was two and the outer four. That there were six inner or eight inner or fifteen inner was not final, nor were the shells certain, until they were. They established a precedent these physical events, and that precedent ably continued, able to break, or to cease, because of what it was. That their number was able to be other than number was the result of number, not number and lack of number but number as is-not. And the same took place as an abiding difference, a circle of six stable-state charges steady because of the lack of order of not surrounding it. They continued because the possibility of ending was present, yet the ceasing and the presence were not the only divergences enacting the six of shell and six of center. The six could again have been ten or fifteen, eleven or twelve, and the center could have almost always corresponded. But six they were, not other. They were accompanied by the six and the twelve and fifteen centers and shells. These were unimaginably numerous and the swiftness with which they moved made movement static. The speed of their randomness slowed only as qualities emerged and size enlarged, yet that they could be other in random pattern remained parcel to even the most obvious of their larger states. Predictable, they were slowly random. Multiple negations were their presence;