You are not able to sympathize, my absent friend, but I may have the opportunity to change my livelihood...not entirely mind you. I had not realized how much of my very character and indeed my life was invested in my present labor and I have not yet heard that there is a possibility for another source of income, but the situation seems auspicious, as some say. I have had very few times that any situation seems auspicious in my life, and now I am inclined to make the change...perhaps.

But it is of no concern to you, friend. It is one I must accept. If I should perish, you would not notice. If I should succeed, you would not celebrate. Your kindness lies in the calm that you bring. When conflict arises and destruction - or even annihilation - is at hand, you are not perturbed, and why you would be perturbed at the arrival of a brother I do not know. I have always enjoyed your "presence."