Success in the South of Chicago

My submission is late today because I fell ill. The sickness I presently experience is not merely physical, but it is a virus that comes from the violation of artistic principle and value. A friend was describing to me a "talk" given after the showing of "the Blues Brothers" film. I cannot describe to you the vapidity that arose from the university's arrogance; I will not bring the plague upon you. My friend called it hubris, which is a better expression of the jabbering nonsense emitted from these well-known "philosophers." Apparently, these tenured thinkers believed that any term or phrase that arises from them at any time in any way under any circumstances will have the value of platinum. Some of the most obvious of insights as well as apparent irrelevance came from those who wish to promote the reasoned life, but if in fact reasoned living is what they demonstrated, our late friend who drank the hemlock would reconsider living in non-reason. I am certain he and his ugly nose would think again...and conclude that the use of better reason, more thought, is indicated.

It is an ancient problem this one, and in the age of information we have the misfortune of egos towering from small places. The thought seems to be similarly distorted.