Still Burning

Well, another morning comes our way. The time has been adjusted and the light is now present earlier in the work day. It was a strange sensation riding my bicycle to work while the sun shone. I kept suspecting that I would not arrive at work as planned, that I would somehow be at fault for the time of day. But the time of day, the sunlight and all of its vision, have not changed. Nothing is different, except the work day will last longer and those who possess too much will take more. The Russians and the Chinese will still be soiling our social media with conspiracy-theory dreck, while real conspiracies remain unnoticed. We have an ex-president who is now on trial. It is amazing that such a man is in court at all, except that his criminality is so very obvious and his methods those of an inexperienced child. The earth continues to burn. Yes, we mention it again, since the hurricanes, the tornadoes and other sundry storms will intensify and bring us misery. They will kill other creatures as well, our responsibility there. These natural disasters will wreck havoc with our economies, and the wealthy among us will purchase the best, safest land. They will protect themselves and begin again the denial and the effort to do the same thing. They will destroy that which gave life to them.

Chances of survival are low, and yet I still write.