Source of Strength

Occasionally, I may comment on politics, and such is a noble undertaking. Awareness is needed, if we are expected to have an informed citizenry. So, I applaud the commentators...the ones with some kind of integrity. There are and will be demagogues, naturally, and we need to bring some kind of reason to the mess that they create. Yet, I promise, my friend of change and absence, that I will not make my entire, albeit brief, essays on political happenings. It is all too easy to exploit that material. One needs only to read the news, or listen to a blog, or watch a day-old group of commentators in order to find something to discuss, and human nature's strangely bad portion makes an easy job: "bringing others to awareness" of the criminality and stupidity of someone's favorite politician.

No, I shall adhere to the negativity that builds, that nihilism who knows. Be strong, my friend, you are an absent human.