Song Begun

I apologize for saying, but for some reason I recall an aggravating time in my youth. I attended events where similar-minded and similar-aged persons congregated merely in order to grow intoxicated. We had no cell phones, no texting, certainly no social media. The gathering was our social media, not that I was social. Sometimes, these events were valuable, sometimes not so entertaining or worthwhile, but there existed at that time - I do not know if these persons still wander about - persons, mostly males, who brought guitars to the party. They would carry the instrument in a black box with a handle that lifted the seeming neck of the guitar into the air, proudly demonstrating their skill. That was the signal; entertainment was to come. These same boys would drink a bit, then place themselves in a central position , perhaps on a couch in the living room of the house, and out would emerge a lovely, hollow, string instrument. These boys would tune the guitar; warm up; wait for others to gather next to them, and at one point begin a song that they were unable to complete, pausing for long periods or ceasing that song perhaps four verses into the tune the words for which they had not yet learned and the cords for which they were unable to recall, could not strum. They then began a new song that they were unable to complete.

Nothing annoyed me more, though many things annoyed me as much, and I never understood why someone would attempt to perform something in public in that manner. All that attention arose, only to make fool of the performer.