Something Other

Martin said the other day that there is or may be an overcoming of some line. I and others must overcome the blank slate we have inherited? Nothing must be transcended somehow, since there is fear of nihilism? At least, that seems to be one implication of his discussion now written for the ages. Is there a need to overcome the meaninglessness of human existence? Nihilism is and always has been here with us. My friend visits the whole of the universe each and every moment. One cannot avoid or "overcome" the constant assault of nothing. That meaninglessness is here, but purpose accompanies it. Our purpose is more intimate, more attached to what transpires. It is more the "what" of what we are, this purpose, and it requires meaninglessness in order to exist. One need never overcome nihilism, but rather one must accept it as a part of meaning. Perhaps Frederick and Martin and perhaps Jean-Paul all wanted to communicate something by stating the need for overcoming - that ever-mentioned transcendence - and perhaps they each have some point in terms of historical transcendence, which is to state of overcoming that comes-to-be in being. It is not something other than what takes place. There is no grand state of meaning, not one available readily to us at least.