Some Certain Madness

It is absolutely necessary that one settle oneself, calmly, into position in order to write, to perform medicine, to labor in general. Anxiety over the next day or the following week drains and rattles one's spirit, which rattles the brain. Never let go of what brings joy. Never release what vitalizes. I am not certain that I will be able to survive the next year, with all of its personal expectations and the orange nightmare we presently live in our collective.

Vladimir has never ceased his assault on the weak minds in our country who permit the most absurd, mad and destructive of things to inhabit and form them. A cult has taken hold of their sensibilities I have heard said. Family members who are somehow expected to retain the critical apparatus needed to shield themselves from the cult of ignorance have surrendered their once-sensible minds to fantasy and delusion.

That calm, settled position seems collectively now remote, and our leaders are anemic. Should our elected officials have more strength, the lack of blood flowing to the minds of the crowd who believe that baby-killers and pedophiles inhabit the opposing party would prevent deliverance from this profound ignorance. Any thinking person suspects as much. I have said it before, I know, but living it is so terribly painful.

The vitality of thought now turns upon itself.