Saving History Through Annihilation

I have some new ideas, my friend, for classes! And you and your tendency to annihilate will be essential for our success! In this age of the final disintegration of any meaningful higher-educational Humanities interactivity, we need to be practical and I finally decided that I will conform to the new way and ideas. Here are only a few of the cost-cutting, student-registering, language-widget-making beauties:

Ancient Greek and Roman Myth in “Minecraft” (In this class we mostly play video games, but every so often we analyze how some of the characters in the games mildly resemble archetypes in ancient Greek myth, without burdening students with any understanding about what an archetype is),

Zeus and Hermes teach Google Docs (This class ought to be the most popular! Students are able to combine the illusion of myth analysis with the practical application of sharing their information with deeply entrenched, corporate information-gathering and exploitation, but there will be no mention of Big Brother, since the class would not be as effective if there was any social awareness),

Cartoon Representations of Ancient Greek and Roman Myth (This class is entirely composed of slideshows. Students take no exams, and the instructor does not speak. Only smiling images of ancient gods and goddesses appear. No-one knows what the class entails, but we all have fun, taking part in our corporate family!).

These'll bring 'em into the classroom! Let's go save the classics!