Rising Level

Today is the sixteenth of November and the temperature is expected to rise about sixty degrees. There has arisen a push to "reinvent" practically everything, with the result that many of the every-day practices and mechanisms have been redesigned for profit, and not for utility. No measured approach has ever been a part of such a revolution, or one may say a counter-revolution. It seems that the redesigning is also the redesigning of the planet, making it more warm.

"Bravo," said one of our public figures. "If the temperature is rising, I say "Bravo."

The change is contrived, and even the least thoughtful of us must recognize that the Google sheets and the shared documents do not make our every-day tasks easier. These duties are much more complicated, easier to corrupt and they are more delicate. My grade-sheet in the school software program is an example. I have no other option than to use it. A simple sheet of paper with ledger lines on it is unacceptable. I must share the too-complicated software grade-displayer with student and parent alike. It is not that the world is more complicated alone; it is much more delicate.

And those with enough wealth will, as we have said, purchase the land where the temperature is moderate, and the living is as complex as they choose.