Re-Industrialism: Delicious

I made some pasta sauce from a jar yesterday. It tasted as if it was born of a can from some corrupt Italian chef who did not know better than commercializing his talents and mass producing spaghetti letters of the alphabet. There is something diluted and grotesque about the flavor of those...preparations?...I do not know what to call them. Foodstuffs? I do not say food, or victuals. I do not trust the cans of canned goods to keep carcinogens out of my blood stream, the manufacturers having kept the lining layered with yet another chemical bane. I guess that is the best name for them: manufacturers. They certainly are not chefs.

At any rate, I have made sauce myself that tastes better, and that says quite a bit. The pasta in my dish I prepared with some water added to the sauce I concocted. It turned quickly to mush, very similar to the pasta alphabet I ate when I was ten, only slightly better-tasting. The whole thing was barely tolerable, disgusting.

I want a second helping.