Predatory Consciousness

One may not be able to discern the case, since aspects of the universe similar to you - my friend - keep hiding things, but one's moral position is organic. It is not the case that a mere argument given to someone in their undergraduate career will produce a viable morality, or ethic. One's moral significance in the world must arise from within as an activity, it must be the person. Morality or an ethical core is no different; it is the same thing - significance. If one does nothing when ugliness becomes an integral part of one's community, then there is no actual morality in them.

On the other hand, the matter is quite complicated. Imposing one's values, heaping didacticism upon others, is an ugliness worth eliminating, and there are so many manners of consciousness and thought that prey upon the world. The very effort at being moral and ethical degenerates into predation...sometimes. Is that you, my friend?