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Predator and Prey

Steve says he wants you to know that he knows some things. He is aware that he does not know absolutely, or universally, but he has noticed some patterns, and he can say some things. And by the way, he is talking to you, that one person who actually reads this blog, not the abyss.

Steve's thought today centers around a musing he had in a moment between Ocean Whitefish and Duck and Chicken Liver. Steve says the thought was fleeting, since he needed to bother this guy who controls things for food, but Steve recognizes what it is to have a need for conquest, for mastery and physical control in the form of playful destruction. He has captured little spies in the place where he lives, these little furry things. He was unable to keep himself from batting them around and occasionally stabbing them with his nails. He bit one once. But Steve also recognizes what being prey is. He is a smaller animal and sometimes there are others who are simply too large for him to bat or to control. These creatures must be avoided or charmed, and it is the charm that he suggests for you, since you have other options yourself.

Oh yes, Steve adds only that in some ways humans are just the same as he is. You may go now.