Porcelain Humanity

When one considers themself fortunate, they perhaps possess enough material good to continue their existence in some comfort. This relaxation of mind and spirit comes from a convincing oneself that there will be rest, that there will come some laughter and authentic solace. Such sentiment is not a natural state for those who have arisen in the context of predation. A long period of perhaps two hundred years have given many humans a false notion of safety and regularity. They have, as I have discussed before, displaced the many creatures who would otherwise thrive and live for only a brief time in such extravagant comfort as even the lowliest of humans finds themself. These times of leisure and real delight stretch the whole lives of many who labor regularly and without any real investigation into the arrangement of resources and the distribution of "rights" to humans that a people demands but does not possess. One simple catastrophe of environment will displace all that has been delicately arranged.

It is not arrogance so much that compels many of these persons to assume that the way of their life will continue unabated as much as it is a kind of indolence, and the most irresponsible of humans are the ones who now control what will come the most. Perhaps that has always been the case. Plato knew that the probability of employing the best of human reason and statesmanship was low. Still, he made his city...in words.