Petty Vanity

Sometimes, there are those who have studied philosophy for many years. They have published a great deal of commentary on the thoughts of others, and they contribute mightily to the centuries-long conversation that academics have with one another. They are, in the best cases, humble about their achievements and they are open to the thoughts of others. They assist when they are able, and they know when to be quiet, that political consideration for those who have been in authority not long enough, whose soft thoughts and delicate dispositions must not be criticized. Otherwise, they claim that someone "is being aggressive with me." But I digress. These scholars have everything that is needed for the best kind of contribution to academic commentary. They have learned moderation; they have the appropriate level of courage and seemingly they have gained some amount of wisdom. They are, ever-rarer, even aware that the institution in which they thrive is not so "higher" in education. They may even treat the students around them as if they have something to add in a discussion. They are actually developed humans - a surprise.

And one day one sees them wearing a toupee.