Past as Future

I wish you could give me advice, my friend, since I need constructive thought. I have traded a career of comfortable wine-and-cheese gatherings for freedom from the constraints of review by peers and from a decided nepotism. As I have stated on prior occasions, it is most probable that no human will bother to read anything I write, especially here in our small, comfortable room. I have never felt competent enough at what someone once termed "administrivia", but some job security would have been pleasant. I will grant that those in the Vincentian academy opened their minds to a certain extent, and my financial security has been good. Still, I wonder at what my life would have been without opening it regularly to possible destruction. I suppose I do not want that feeling of comfort and security, if it means leaving behind authentic introspection and inquiry that regularly questions and questions again. would not know about that. You would not laugh and you would not think, and you would not rage, though you accompany those things.