Our Orange Nightmare

If there is a policy that tells industry as well as politicians in general, but especially wealthy businessmen, that the state will "leave it alone", then no reasonable person would believe that a human being in the privileged place of a "captain of industry" would develop any meaningful part of themselves. Think of an infant who is receives everything they wish upon demand. It is obvious even to the most politically blind of absentee fathers that no true understanding of another person would come into the psyche of such a person. It is, as is said, "common sense" that given the lack of discipline and training in various kinds of human activities and abilities such a person would in no way be able to manage a business, much less a state, in a just and equitable manner.

Let's say that the economic policy of a country has made possible the lack of development of such persons for four decades. What kind of surprise comes to mind when a leader emerges who has no idea how to be in any just way human? They cannot see others as anything other than skilled, expendable material; they are not capable of accepting any kind of loss or hardship. Such an undeveloped person would certainly not be able to fit into or grow into any political position meaningfully, morally or ethically. It is the morally bankrupt policy of a nation that relieves its business sector of responsibility, while claiming personal responsibility as a part of its ideology.

That such a someone, a political tyrant, would break each and every law with a perceived impunity is a rather facile conclusion, but lost it seems would be the comprehension that the policies that started forty years before have given rise to not only the kind of fool whose image belongs on a blimp hung overtop New York city, but because forty years of a total lack of principle have given rise to more than a generation of complacent enablers, this person would be elected leader; he could lie repeatedly; his own political party leaders would justly loathe him even though they gave rise to him, and no matter what transpired, his supporters would never abandon him. They would be possessed of the lack of principle and basic hatred fueled by resentment of not having received immediately what was demanded by such a person, that lack of moral center capable of supporting someone who destroys all they touch.

Consider yourself fortunate that you are not constrained by entropy, my friend!