Once More for Extinction

If it is the case that humans decide to bring back regulation of production and perhaps politics, they must do so with thought and measurement. It would be quite easy for regulation and the present or another kind of orange nightmare to fuse into the most foul-tasting political horror. The herd would then show its anger and elect a person who would create regulations that befoul the environment yet more powerfully, kill more of the non-human species - making them extinct - and themselves purchase Real Estate that will protect them, the destroyers, from the ill-effects of their tyranny. Then, they would use their media to blame those who attempted to keep them and their policies from ascendancy. The strange combination of rational ideas combined with terrible consequences seems to be the more frequent Hegelian construction. There is no direct or straight line to greater perfection, only a meandering that is possibly good, potentially born from reason - necessarily no.

I do not know. I am unaware how many times in human history such an occasion arose.