Old John: Up Your Ears, In Your Nose, Down Your Throat, Not Enough.

  • “We'll be protected.”
  • Nick and John exited the still-running Altima, books and gloves in – then over – hands. They knew they would not be able to talk with many persons, but despite the weakness in limbs and lack of understanding where he was, John continued where his comrade followed. They knocked on several doors before they met a woman flushed with child-tending. Her stout-and-growing frame betrayed a fading conventional allure; hair disheveled, blond at the ends dark brown at root. Her dark eyebrows complimented her pale complexion. A mild frustration possessed her words.
  • “We’re here to spread good news,” John began.
  • “It's good to see you boys around here again.”
  • “May I take it, ma’am, that you have the Word?"
  • “I'm a practicing Christian, my friend.”
  • She smiled when she said it, and they talked on her porch until a toddler called away her attention. The exchange was friendly and cordial, as if the three had been friends for years. They knew Christ was Lord, The Bible was central, God was theirs. The Word saves and faith comes first. The resurrection of the soul in each man is a resurrection of Christ, the anointed. They witnessed the lack of believers. Women they did not discuss.
  • “I think I like that young woman,” Nick said.
  • “I do too.”
  • The pair walked with certain confidence to the next painted-yellow, red-flowered house. Metal and plastic chairs adorned the porch of the domicile and pleasant beige concrete welcomed them. An older Caucasian woman came to the door. Almost fifty years made her what she then was and she wrapped herself in polyester and a cotton blouse, eyes bright and inquisitive.
  • “We're here to spread good news,” John began.
  • “It's good to meet you.”
  • “You know the good news?”
  • “I do,” she said with a nod.
  • She appeared confident and assured as they talked in the her front room.
  • “He’s with us all of the time,” John said. “Even when we don’t think so.”
  • “One’s faith can take us off the earth.” She nodded as she talked.
  • They knew that Christ was Lord, The Bible was central, God was theirs. Nick and John exchanged agreement with one another, and the three chatted only a bit more before the woman explained how much work waited.
  • “We appreciate your hospitality, ma’am,” John said as he walked out her door.
  • The two men had expected to feel tired by this time, but every bit of verve was theirs. Nick and John approached five more houses, three of which were occupied. They encountered two more women and one man who knew Christ was Lord, The Bible was central, God was theirs.
  • “There's no un-Christian home around here,” said the man. “The whole neighborhood's good that way.”
  • Nick and John felt at ease strolling back to the car, then headed in a new direction. They walked slowly and visited three more houses, two of which possessed occupant-Chrisitians. There were Baptists and Methodists and Lutherans and Pentecostals, Calvinists and Catholics.
  • “It’s a fine street they have here,” said John. “Even if it's not entirely Christian.”

© 2014 by Kirk A. Shellko a.k.a. Lucian Whyte