Nothing In Being

As I move through my day, my steps and thoughts become weary. There is some kind of vitality and presence that arises, and then it slowly dissipates throughout the day I am such as many other creatures who stand and move about the earth. But you, my lifeless and empty friend, are filled with enough of naught to always be...nothing. You, as I have said on prior occasions, have the continued ability to continue as you are. There is a completion to you, a finality that always comes to that which no longer has in it any of the is that grows it weary. Still, much of this direction and kind of motion tends towards some point, or end. It is that much we can claim is meaning in this cage of living, and it is you who visit us when we make that movement from one place and state to others. You I am able to talk to but not with; you and I discuss what we are able to do in common.

You have your presence so much more potent than the obvious kind, and you bring about the new...everything.