No Face

Apparently, Immanuel said that the being that lies in the foreground of all that is existing is itself no predicate. It exists as no thing. So, is it the case that the most full and most fundamental of all being is not anything? There is somehow a most full and complete being that has no being to it? Is this the being of existence, rather than a being that is predicate? If that is the case and if the limitations of everything that comes-to-be are a kind of ceasing that opens to a kind of specificity, then it is a species of not - some bit of nothing - that both makes what is - that it is - and brings forth some kind. It is both within and without that the bits of "not-at-all" make what is and what.

I think if you were able to think and to feel, my friend, such news would bring whatever would be the equivalent of a smile to your face. But, of course, you have no face. How could you?