No Escape from Entropy

My thieving friend, I slept much over the past few days. I came home and attempted to store up as much sleep as possible in order to ensure that I have enough rest over the next three days; I have so much to do in that time, and I will not have the opportunity to sleep so much. I am gathering the vitality that slips. It is this effort I have at making possible a much more quiet, lasting span of time. I will be able to write and read so much! Yet, there is this sense in which the sleep I am finding will not suffice. I will not use up a store of rest over the next few days, but I will need rest. I will find sleep at the end of the week, in anticipation of a more clear, sober and active mind over the weekend. I have spent so much time storing up health and other useful things in order to accomplish some other goal!

And someone keeps stealing my energy and my ability. Who could that be?