No Concern

It is yet another strange thing in the world that some persons act as though competition necessarily means opposition. The thought seems to be that this person with whom I am in competition does or thinks something to which I must provide an alternative, and that alternative must not merely differ, but it must in some manner bring down or deconstruct. I must bring the other into submission; I must eliminate their efficacy, or they will do so to me. And when I do not eliminate what is their ability, I have somehow failed. There is a kind of entropy that permeates what we do and how we act. It is a flow of energy in various forms through what we say and do. It invests with vitality and then fades. We have faced this filling of capacity and constant draining for the life of our species, and we cannot escape it. It is part of what brought us through a pitiless evolution. We have triumphed with the inferior body and the controlling mind.

And now we must shed some significant portion of its ability in order to fulfill human potential. Yet, our species may perish before it grows to maturity. And my friend possesses little concern, though you participated in making our community and conflict possible.