Nietzsche and Plato

Here is one truth about opinion that must be considered before one claims that there is no meaning to existence. Every belief, no matter how scantily clad in actual fact or truth, possesses some element of meaning. Read any thinker and they will tell you something that someone else has already written or stated; they overlap and agree to some certain extent. No matter what one attempts to assert, they must contend with perception and change, for example - even if the attempt is there to deny the reality of change or to diminish the importance of perception. The activity of the mind and what it means to think - that one thinks and exists - all have many facets as well. Accordingly, no manner of finding truth holds a monopoly on when something is false, or how false something is. Yet, the degree of truth or falsity somehow must be at least asserted.

We cannot manage this dying world without that much.