Need for Myth

One ought to be amazed that one of the most important of human endeavors is the least valued. It would do humanity a great good to free itself from the grip of vampire and zombie narratives, but the intelligent suspicion is that it has never been freed from such things and never will be. The stories of Alcaeus were legendary among the ancient Greeks and the Romans for their heavy lifting and the practical intelligence that solved immediate problems. Sometimes, these feats were impressive in their simple cleverness, but on too many occasions he who was renown of Hera simply strangled his way through human suffering, causing trouble for others with his physical prowess. He was the most popular hero, perhaps because his appeal spread so wide and simply.

Write a narrative about human existence with its intricacies and with long investigation and the dreary-eyed "customers" simply will have no interest. Explain how honesty, integrity, morality are important and the same consumers will lose interest quite quickly, and the noting of this human truth is at least as old as Plato. One could disguise actual thought in allegory; create yet another zombie story that taught something valuable.

"No," you would say, if you were here. "Let someone else do it."