Life Well-lived

It seems, my friend, that there is as of this writing some concern about the state of the population. Those who want the economy to grow continually wish for more humans, without concern for the consequences. As we have seen, these are the humans who claim responsibility as their own.

Those who have nothing, or those who have just enough for subsistence, must produce more children and thus more financial obligation, but they are very much discouraged from development. What is this reproduction, really?

It is, among other things, a truncation and it lives in denial. Commonly, though not always, there arises a desire for and surrender to reproduction. It is, of course, a biological imperative, for every gender. Yet, it is not what humans must do. Reproduction is replacement, if it is done in any way responsibly. One reproduces by the end of their thirties, typically, and the child becomes more important than the parent, again if the parenting is done responsibly. It then produces a failed creature, one who lives long enough to bring another human onto the economic stage, but reproduction does nothing for the development of the human who has just at that time, say 27 years lived(?), begun to read, to consider, to reckon. Decades beyond that age must pass in order to accomplish a thoughtful, appropriately suffered, comprehending human.

At some time in future, I fully expect, the concern for such things such as you have I will possess. I would say I look forward to it, my absent friend, but I will need no looking then.