It Is Very Common

I was compelled to laugh, my friend, when I read a question. It was the title of an article one finds on a cell-phone. It asked if those who gaslight know they are gaslighting.

Are they aware of their transgression? You ask such a question? Do you believe that only one gender gaslights? You may as well believe that only one gender in a binary world engages in denial. Gaslighting is an invitation to participate in one's denial, even as the denied event takes place. That is one genesis of it, anyway. The different "I"s make their invitations.

I did not cheat you out of an interview!

I did not steal that position from your section!

I did not accuse you of something you did not do!

I did not subvert an election and accuse my rival of doing the same!

I did not hit you!

I did not emotionally assault you!

Many genders gaslight their partners, but do not "discuss" the event with them. They keep their privileges; you relinquish yours.

And do it now!