Inclining Decline

In certain circles there is a concern that the human population is no longer growing in the way that it must. The number of humans seems to be declining, and the power of nations finds itself at risk. Economies must change, if not so many humans are here. We must always remember that there are enough humans. There were enough human beings in the middle ages, in the seventeenth century, before recorded civilizations. That the population declines is not a problem for anything, except wealth, and if there is such a decided lack of imagination on the part of current leaders as to how an economy can be configured so as to function well for all with the new circumstances, then the current leadership must change. They are not deserving. Fewer human beings means fewer problems. The earth existed, and was apparently quite content, before any semblance of humanity arose here.

I stand silent at times, watching these children that I teach. They will, many of them, blindly reproduce.