Hospital Morning (An Internet User Story)

“Keep moving!”

The fog lifted, suddenly but still not so quickly. Her eyes opened as her head bobbed up and around, the drowsiness wanting to take her. She felt a sensation of movement that was not her own, but her legs propelled her forward. She must be moving.

“Come one, Jillian! You have to wake up!”

She looked into the sky, overcast, with lazy eyes and the sharp cold of the grass swept beneath her naked feet. She couldn't know where she had been, but she wanted to... She didn't finish the thought. It somehow disappeared. Sleep was creeping over her again, but that was odd; she was running. The ugly-blue hospital gown flapped on her back, reminding her of some kind

“Come on! Jillian, move it!”

Someone held her hand as they ran, an enormous field in front of a falling sun. Her belly ached.