Horror of Boredom

These guys with whom I live do not realize just how wonderful their lives are. They have free food of the highest quality and space within which to roam; they do not need to forage for or prey upon any meals. They are able to bask in the sun at any time and for the longest duration that they please. They have plentiful affection and when they grow weary or when they fall ill, they have immediate healthcare. There are birds that flitter around the living-space, ones that can be captured and will live through any amount of clawing in order to be caught again; balls of yellow and green with the scent that drives them mad; boxes within which to hide and lounge, and they have access to a bed that stretches full beyond the space any single one, or even all of them, is able to extend themselves. They have each other with whom to play, and sometimes with whom to fight.

What more could one want?