Helios and Gaia

"How am I" you ask?

I must say that while I am somewhat fatigued, I am much less exhausted than I expected. My day was thorough and I awoke early. There were a few more dire problems than usual, but it seems that because I ate less than I usually do, I retained more energy. It cannot be that less food means more energy in the strict sense, but then again who am I to say?

I am, perhaps fortunately, subject to the same need for energy passing through my system, brightening sometimes and sometimes darkening my day. It is the result of our fine, blazing source of light and vision that we enjoy what vitalizes. It is such an impersonal object in the sky, but without its many-years-long processes we would not exist. Even the life-sustaining clouds darkening the sky brings death if kept up so long, and Sol keeps shining, without any genuine concern for our health or well-being. Sol and Gaia nourish all of the biology on the planet, and yet should we disappear - the lot of all organic life - there would be no difference to the turning particles and the electron shells that make up what is needed for life.

Our living comes from inanimation, a cousin of yours. Strange that.