You would have been amused, my friend. A student claimed that I am dissatisfied with my position in the world. They said I hate my life, or some such other thing. I admit that I do have a mad plan, one that has come to fruition partially. I question it regularly, and I wonder at its audacity and unlikeliness. I grow angry at it and critique what I am doing, my plans. The use of art for expressing meaning, indeed! Whoever thought that could happen!? Who do I think I am I ask myself. Yes, I do ask that. I wonder at it, and I am stunned at the audacity! I have not followed the cursus honorum of the ivory tower, no. And for those who have no sympathy I will tell you that I have suffered and do suffer for it. I cannot access that prized nepotism! So, I am hard on myself. Yes, that is true! Is there additional meaning for me because I am hard on others?