Good Luck in Moderation

I have heard some in the political sphere say that democracy and capitalism are somehow fused together, as if the one produces the other. Is that the case? Is it not the case that economic independence and fair & just wages make for less dependence? I can see that there may be a democratizing process when destitute persons earn fair wages, though I must add that there is an historical contingency here to consider. These recently-less-destitute persons are able to do more; they have perhaps greater freedom; perhaps they have more education; resources accomplish many tasks. The operative word, though, is "perhaps." And is it not capitalism that creates minor barons who dictate circumstances to their employees and thus to their community with impunity? Is there any democracy in that situation? It seems that enabling many by minuscule amounts gives some independent thought and debate, but not enough to be effective. And is it the case that these barons learn to value anything other than profit for themselves? Are you telling me that you trust whoever comes along who possesses a great deal money to act justly, to distribute resources fairly, to recognize their obligation to the community and environment? Really? Will they respect the thoughts and expressions of others who disagree with them?

"Leave it alone"? Really?

I see the need for regulation as much as I see the need for freedom, and they are not mutually exclusive. There is so much more to say on the complexity of the matter, and you will forgive me, I expect, for saying that the wisdom of the ancients, a wisdom that is long known to us and simple to digest though hard to implement, is here once again valuable.


Good luck to you in this narcissistic age of eternal distortion!