Garbage Production

It is through terrible suffering and long experience that I have learned the dynamics of earbud ownership. Four pairs of earbuds have perished in my keeping, though I attempted to care for them as much as is needed for their lives to last as long as possible. These devices someone manufactures in such a way that one cannot store them without hazard, and I am unable to determine if the manufacturing is a deliberate obsolescence or a deliberate sabotaging...or what. I roll the wire up in a ball and store the buds inside of a plastic container, the one in which the buds arrived into my life. They continue sending sound into my ears for perhaps a year, but sometimes only a month, then the wire inside of the long rubber line disconnects, and I am left with intermittent recitation of German history and German commentary in the morning, one of my only true delights.

I have no comment to make about your participation in the matter, my friend. You know full well, to the extent that you know anything, what you do. I am merely commenting on the state of my country's current production of inexpensive products.